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Debt collection process

What you should know about the debt collection process.
Debt collection process
Debt collection process

Original invoice

The first invoice you receive from the individual to whom you owe money is known as the original invoice. They have the option of sending a reminder if you do not pay by due date. Note that today you are no longer required by law to send a reminder, and you may therefore experience receiving a collection notice if you do not pay within the due date.

Debt collection notice

If you do not pay the claim you owe, the debt collection agency or creditor can send you a debt collection notice. A payment deadline of at least 14 days must be specified in the notice. If the debt collection notice is not paid either, your claim will be forwarded to pre legal debt collection.

Payment demand

When your case is forwarded to pre legal debt collection, you will receive a payment demand with a 14-day payment deadline. Then you can either pay the claim or contact the debt collection agency if you disagree with the claim.

It is crucial to note that if you are having trouble paying your claim, you should contact the debt collection agency so that you can work out a solution together.

If you do not pay, additional fees can be added to the claim and legal collection may be considered.


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