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the Debt collection process.

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Debt collection notice.

The debtor receives a "notice of debt collection" before the collection process begins. In most circumstances, Settl sends the letter on behalf of the creditor, with Settl’s contact information and payment information included in the letter. The advantage of Settl sending this letter, is the observance of strict formal requirements, and that we respond to debtor enquiries after the letter has been sent.

Debt collection – pre legal.

The goal is to resolve cases effectively without the use of legal action. This is accomplished by the strategic use of telephone, e-mail, sms, letters etc.

If advantageous for the case, Settl can administer installment schemes on outstanding amounts. Caseworkers at Settl receive regular training and must ensure that the debtor has a professional, accessible, and empathic experience with the process.

Debt collection – legal.

If the debitor is discovered to be insolvent during the amicable collection process, the case can be transferred to surveillance when leagal action is not beneficial.

To avoid obsolence of the invoices that are placed under surveillance, they can be secured for 10 years at a time.

Surveillance cases are processed according to a campaign system. Settl also monitors several registers to see whether the debtor's situation changes, indicating that the case should be resumed.


Surveillance is an alternative for claims where legal proceedings are not appropriate. For example, in cases where the debtor is insolvent.To avoid obsolescence of the cases that are monitored, they can be secured for 10 years at a time.The processing of surveillance cases is campaign-based. Settl also monitor different public registers if there are changes in the debtor's situation that give reason to reopen the case.


Settl can handle all types of cases. We adapt to different sectors and use technology to help us make better decisions and manage cases more effectively.

Day: 0
Issuance of debt collection notice/EU Fee
day: 14
Pre legal debt collection process begins
day: 30
Payment remark for businesses
day: 42
Evaluation of legal action

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