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DNT - Økonomiring

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DNT - Økonomiring
DNT - Økonomiring
Frida Jonassen
Customer success manager

What was the reason behind the establishment of DNT Økonomiring?

DNT Økonomiring was established to strengthen the expertise in accounting and financial management among the country’s 56 independent tourist associations of DNT. In particular, it was desirable to focus on the association’s coordination and development of shared solutions within the associated subject areas.

What was the original situation of DNT, and what challenges were there in DNT that made Settl a good partner for DNT Økonomiring?

Operations are generally characterized by many and small transactions. The associations used several different accounting system routines and their own level of expertise in claim management was very variable.

By deciding on a common accounting system in DNT Økonomiring the opportunity was opened for an expanded and uniform collaboration with one operator. SETTL's strong competence and experience combined with a very well-functioning integration to our accounting system was crucial in the choice of partner. Our initial impression of SETTL as a trustworthy and competent partner who always comes through when we need assistance has never changed.

Settl has represented DNT in the highlighted areas

How have we worked together to solve the challenge?

In the establishment of DNT Økonomiring, new, common work routines and modes of cooperation were to be established – even for the individual tourist association, this could amount to a lot in a short period of time. Along they way, Settl has been a crucial support in the groundwork and in the development of good routines. Settl has provided us with the flexibility and time combined with confidence and advice to reach our goals.

SETTL has shown us that they are able and want to understand our operations and have been with us in the development of DNT Økonomiring from day one. This is not an ordinary debt collection agency, – SETTL is a partner that are doing the work for us to succeed!

SETTL has obtained values ​​from, among others: Sweden, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Spain, Italy, France, England, Ukraine, Russia, Qatar, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, the USA and Canada.

What are the results that have come out of the collaboration?

The result of the collaboration is safe, good routines regarding receivables administration at all the tourist associations we have managed to welcome to the team. Today, we can be proud of the order and overview we have achieved, as well as the much-needed liquidity along the way.

We look forward to continue working with Settl!